Puzzles are the absolute best for kids, and parents too! On our online store, you'll find various types of puzzles, including giant puzzles, classic puzzles, floor puzzles, magnetic puzzles, and 3D puzzles. For The Little Zebra, puzzles are real opportunities to create a chic atmosphere at home. We've even turned it into a hygge tradition!

First fun puzzle with our embeddable puzzles

Embeddable puzzles are a fun way to introduce kids to puzzles. Wooden puzzles with large handles are especially practical for little hands. Plus, they are durable and make a lovely first gift!

Puzzles for kids of all sizes, colors, and shapes

Kids love doing puzzles with their favorite figures, characters, or animals. That's why there are different puzzles with fun themes for slightly older kids. Think of a puzzle with beautiful illustrations of unicorns, princesses, or spaceships. There's something for every taste!

Floor puzzles for little crawlers

Clear up the floor at home for cheerful floor puzzles. For babies, we have puzzles with large pieces that you can easily assemble on the floor. Available in different fun themes and with beautiful illustrations.

Magical magnetic puzzles for mini explorers

It's so much fun to play with magnets, especially when they come together to form a fun pattern or figure: magnetic puzzles are truly a must! You can also stick them to iron surfaces, like a refrigerator or microwave.

Showing 1 - 48 of 148 items

Showing 1 - 48 of 148 items