Children's costumes and accessories

LET'S DRESS UP Carnival is a time of festivities and joy, and The Little Zebra fully embraces it with its colorful range of carnival costumes for children. From elegant vampire costumes to enchanting witch costumes, each outfit invites you on a journey to a world of fantasy. Brands like Wild & Soft and Souza for Kids offer captivating designs that capture the spirit of carnival: a celebration of imagination and creativity. Whether it's for parading through the streets or a school party, these costumes are designed to inspire and dazzle, transforming every child into the star of the carnival.

Your children's carnival costume: a mix of color and fantasy!

The collection of carnival costumes for children at The Little Zebra is a true festival of color and creativity. Brands like Great Pretenders and FABELAB offer a dazzling range of costumes, from enchanting fairy princesses to fearless superheroes. These costumes are designed not only to captivate children's imagination but also to ensure comfort and durability. Whether it's for a carnival parade or a school party, these ultra-stylish and trendy outfits are must-haves in every child's wardrobe.

Astronaut costumes & knight costumes: embark on legendary adventures

Space and medieval castles come to life with astronaut and knight costumes for children. With brands like Den Goda Fen and Meri Meri, these ultra-realistic costumes allow children to travel through time and space. The astronaut costume takes young explorers to distant galaxies, while the knight costume invites them to heroic duels. Each costume is a work of art, combining aesthetics and comfort, ideal for role-playing and school performances.

Showing 1 - 50 of 209 items

Showing 1 - 50 of 209 items