Open-ended play with The Little Zebra

Open-ended play with The Little Zebra


OPEN-ENDED PLAY & MONTESSORI-INSPIRED GAMES – Dive into the magic of open-ended play and Montessori at The Little Zebra! Give your children the opportunity to grow, learn, and have fun in complete freedom, while developing essential skills at every stage of their growth.

What is open-ended play?

Welcome to the enchanted world of open-ended play and Montessori pedagogy, where your children's imagination and creativity flourish. Open-ended play, also known as free & spontaneous activity, is a wonderful approach that encourages children to explore and play according to their interests, without constraints. At The Little Zebra, we believe in the power of open-ended play, where each game becomes a unique adventure.

What are Montessori games?

Montessori games, inspired by the visionary educational method of Maria Montessori, invite children to learn in an autonomous and sensory way. Our collection features stacking toys and wooden construction blocks by Plan Toys, captivating the attention of little explorers while developing their motor and cognitive skills.

Which Montessori game for which age?

Each age has its Montessori treasures! For toddlers from 1 year old, Filibabba sensory balls Filibabba and stacking toys by MinMin Copenhagen are ideal for stimulating sensory discovery and fine motor skills. At 2 years old, the minimalist wooden cars by Waytoplay offer hours of imaginative play, while the hollow wooden blocks and wooden planks of pine by Kapla encourage creativity for 3 to 5 year olds.

Examples of open-ended Montessori games: free & spontaneous activities :-)

Explore our varied collection of Montessori-inspired toys, where Plan Toys wooden construction blocks offer countless possibilities for building and storytelling. The colorful wooden toys from MinMin Copenhagen awaken the senses and stimulate tactile exploration. The balance boards by Wobbel and silicone stacking toys by Dëna invite children to explore their balance and unleash their creativity.

Precious moments of learning to cherish with your children...

Give your children precious moments of learning and fulfillment through our carefully chosen selection of Montessori toys and open-ended games. At The Little Zebra, we celebrate the beauty of independent discovery, encouraging each child to explore the world around them at their own pace, while cultivating curiosity and self-confidence.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 68 items