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CAPE COSTUMES Welcome to the enchanting world of children's cape costumes from The Little Zebra, where each cape is a gateway to a realm of adventures and dreams. Here, fabrics turn into stories, every fold narrates a tale, and vibrant colors beckon to the imagination...

A Cape Costume: The Ultimate Accessory for Little Heroes

Cape costumes are must-haves in every playful wardrobe. At The Little Zebra, we offer a diverse selection of capes to suit every taste, from mysterious black capes to dazzling red capes. Brands like Wild & Soft and Great Pretenders turn dreams into reality with captivating designs and high-quality materials. Whether it's to transform into a superhero, a magician, or a fantastical creature, these capes add a touch of magic and mystery to all dress-up games. They are perfect for stimulating imagination and encouraging creative play.

Royal and Elegant Cape Costumes for Boys & Girls!

The Little Zebra offers a range of cape costumes for boys and girls, including majestic king's capes. With brands like Souza for Kids and Meri Meri, these capes are designed to appeal to all budding monarchs. Refined details, sumptuous fabrics, and vibrant colors make each cape unique and special. Ideal for themed parties, school performances, or simply for play at home, these capes offer endless possibilities for royal and elegant adventures.

Our Costume Sets with Capes: For a Complete Transformation :-)

Our costume sets with capes go beyond just the cape. These comprehensive ensembles, offered by renowned brands like Great Pretenders and Souza for Kids, include capes paired with other accessories to create a complete look. From brave warriors to wild animals, each set is designed to inspire incredible stories and adventures. Animal cape costumes are particularly popular, offering children a unique chance to step into the shoes of their favorite creatures. These sets are perfect for stimulating imagination and encouraging role-play.

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Showing 1 - 50 of 100 items