Themed games

HALLOWEEN THEMED GAMES – Dive into the enchanting world of Halloween games offered by The Little Zebra and get ready for a thrilling and fun experience. Whether for children or adults, we have assembled a selection of captivating games that will add a touch of magic to your Halloween evening.

What board game for Halloween?

For board game enthusiasts, The Little Zebra offers a variety of games perfect for Halloween. Board games about witches, monsters, magic, and mysteries from the HABA brand will transport you to a fantastic world where imagination reigns supreme. Whether you prefer solving mysterious puzzles or concocting magical potions, our games will keep you entertained.

How to host a Halloween party?

When you're looking to host a Halloween party, our games are the perfect solution. Organize a game of monster darts from Janod to challenge your friends and family. For a creative touch, go for the glow-in-the-dark scratch cards from DJECO, which will reveal spooky patterns in the moonlight. The glow-in-the-dark puzzles from Mudpuppy will add a mysterious dimension to your evening by revealing eerie images in the dark.

The Little Zebra's Easy & Enchanting Games: Let Halloween Begin!

Shadow games and storytelling lamps from Moulin Roty will transform your evening into a magical adventure where Halloween stories come to life. For the younger ones, magic sets from DJECO offer an introduction to the art of illusion with captivating tricks.

At The Little Zebra, we've brought together a collection of Halloween games to create unforgettable memories. Whether you're looking for games for children or adults, our diverse products will add a touch of magic to your Halloween celebration. Get ready for a memorable evening filled with mystery and fun!