Our children absolutely love Halloween! So, at The Little Zebra, we've handpicked the spookiest items to throw a haunted party: costumes, decorations, and wacky table accessories. The trendiest brands offer costumes that will enchant your little ones: Meri Meri, Great Pretenders, Liewood, Fabelab, Souza for Kids...

A Selection of Halloween Costumes

The costumes available in this category are both spooky and fantastic. Meri Meri creations are particularly remarkable, with witches, ghosts, monsters, and more. The quality of materials used ensures optimal comfort, which is essential for long party nights. Great Pretenders also offers an incredibly detailed range of costumes, including superheroes, enchanted princesses, and other iconic Halloween characters. Children can transform into their favorite creature and embark on thrilling adventures.

A Variety of Halloween Accessories

But Halloween isn't just about costumes. The Little Zebra also offers a variety of Halloween-themed accessories to complete your look. From witch hats to monster masks to magic wands, there's plenty to let your creativity run wild. Meri Meri accessories are particularly unique and add an elegant touch to your Halloween outfits. Great Pretenders also offers matching accessories to complete your coordinated look.

Discover the entire Halloween collection by Meri Meri here >

Halloween-themed Games

For those who prefer to organize games during their Halloween party, this category offers a selection of fun and spooky games. From monster puzzles to Halloween-themed card games, there's plenty to entertain the whole family. The games offered are perfect for creating a playful and memorable atmosphere at your party.

Makeup and Tattoos for a Spooky Look

Finally, makeup is an essential element to perfect your Halloween costume. Souza for Kids offers a range of child-safe makeup with vibrant colors and spooky designs. This way, you can add a terrifying finishing touch to your Halloween look.

Get ready for an unforgettable Halloween night with The Little Zebra!

Showing 1 - 48 of 228 items

Showing 1 - 48 of 228 items