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How awesome it is to decorate our children’s bedroom! Hang the curtains, choose the furniture, put the posters up, select the cutest lamps… Really, we can never be bored. Are you looking for ideas and out-of-the-box suggestions to personalize your littles ones’ personal space? We present you a wide range of decorative items, furniture and accessories, all beautiful and original.

Practical and clever furniture!

In our furniture range, discover a wide selection of small stools and scalable desks that can be used by your children to do their homework, read or simply scribble on their drawing book. Invent a working space that’s both fun and functional, where children may flourish serenely and at their own pace. Why not add two or three poufs to easily welcome their little friends at home?

Give style to your child’s bedroom

For a cosy bed, say welcome to amazing duvet covers and cool bed linen with funny prints! Whether it is for toddlers and older kids, for the little rascals or for princesses in the making, many original styles and colours are available for you to choose from. And to encourage a good night sleep, top up their bed with a pretty canopy that will also protect them at night from various little critters.

Convenient and practical storage baskets

Don’t forget to equip yourself with convenient storage baskets, wall hangers and a large laundry basket so your children can easily keep their bedroom tidy. Little girls may also have their very own jewellery box, with a touch of fantasy.

The right lamp: a true decorative asset

Top it all up with a pretty light and wall stickers to children’s liking, to create a harmonious environment where they will feel safe. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our new collections and at the various articles on offer. You may very well find the original touch that you are looking for, to perfect the decoration of your child’s bedroom.

Showing 1 - 48 of 3325 items

Showing 1 - 48 of 3325 items