Once upon a time...

De drie zussen Photos: photographer Sanne Tulp, Stylecookie.nl

Once upon a time... there were three sisters who became mums and went looking for fun and stylish things for their kids. But they didn't find what they were looking for. So they started their own internet boutique. Tonnes of hip and fun bits and pieces, delivered quickly and beautifully to your door.

Ilse (1974) has a background in marketing and communication. She loves to photograph kids. With her own young tykes Lana (2003), Maurits (2005) and Victor-Jan (2009) she has her hands rather full but helps out with her husband's business and studied photography at the Rotterdam Academy. She loves old and new things. Flea markets are therefore high risk areas for her purse.

At little zebra’s Ilse makes sure every product appears on the website with an adequate picture. She also keeps in touch with the press contacts, and is always looking for new fabulous products.

Karin (1976) has a background in sales. She is the proud mother of Chiel (2001) and Elise (2003). She is addicted to home and living magazines and loves giving her home a regular makeover. Naturally she is always one step ahead of the latest trends and is totally into design.

Karin manages customer relations at little zebra, as well as day to day supplier contacts. Together with Ilse she handpicks the most beautiful collections.

Ann (1978), mother of Axel (2006) and William (2008), has a background in Food&Beverage management. She loves to combine different decorating styles and her has what could easily be described as a somewhat eclectic home. She is currently absorbed in renovating her old farmhouse.

Ann is the little zebra warehouse manager, she handles all distribution and logistic issues. She does everything in her power to make sure every parcel leaves the warehouse in the timeliest manner.

And then the little zebra got bigger, … and bigger, and bigger. It grew so big that the 3 sisters needed help. Seven cheerful girls heard their cries. And there they were …

Cristina who manages customer relations together with Karin. She skillfully takes care of lots of public relations and marketingtasks.

Roosje who enthusiastically places all the latest collections online, and keeps our Facebook page up to date with panache.

Vanessa who guards over our French website Le Petit Zèbre.

Britta who carefully looks after the German Das Kleine Zebra.

Annemie works in our administrative department, and from time to time helps out Shirley and Lea, the hands on logistic duo. Their magic fingers turn all the orders into funky, shippable gift parcels.