coloured float jacket 1-6 years

  • coloured float jacket 1-6 years
  • coloured float jacket 1-6 years
pink twinkling 3-6 years
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coloured float jacket 1-6 years

This Float Jacket has just about everything – warmth, buoyancy and protection from the sun. Made of soft and flexible 3mm neoprene, with 16 easy-to-use removable floats, you can tailor the level of buoyancy to the needs of the wearer. Fully bound, tough nylon coated, and with a YKK zip – it has everything you would expect from a product made to last, perform and look great! This Float Jacket comes with excellent instructions and advice on helping children gain confidence in water and learn to swim. There are two floats per pocket so that buoyancy can be adjusted properly and without compromising size. On the other hand you can use it to make the jacket bigger and smaller when necessary and as desired. Available in 2 sizes and 4 colours.

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